Why I became a birth doula...

February 24, 2017

As an activist, namely in the feminist movement, I felt compelled to give women a voice in an environment which is inherently theirs. Women are constantly being told what to do, and how to exist through pregnancy, labor, and birth is no exception.


Unsolicited opinions and outdated protocols are being pushed onto expectant mothers and their partners, which is negatively impacting outcomes for mothers and their babies. Women, becoming more aware of the protocols in place that have no evidence-based standing, have been fighting (yes, fighting) for the birth that they want. Birth has shifted from a normal, beautiful part of life into a frustrating, scary, and intimidating one. And I don't believe that's how it should be, so I decided to be an active participant in helping mothers through this fight by becoming a doula. 


In all, my lifelong interest in babies, children, families, and parents collided with my newer found love for activism in the form of becoming a doula. I studied Child Development at Central Michigan University, where I was introduced to the documentary, The Business of Being Born. That's how I learned about the role of a doula, and I was instantly interested. I even looked into training then, but I knew that the doula lifestyle wouldn't fit with me being in school. So I took a hiatus. 


I graduated from CMU in December of 2014, and I started my job in foster care, which again, would not accommodate the doula lifestyle, so I waited. A year later, with no real change in circumstance, I decided to take the training with DONA, which was amazing. After another job change and a move closer to my hometown, I finally found myself in a position to start taking doula clients, which has been truly wonderful. 



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